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At First Lutheran Christian School & Arts the Preschool is designed for children ages 2 – 4. We believe that each child’s self-esteem is crucial to healthy intellectual and social growth. Children learn through hands-on activities and play, specifically designed to develop their pre-literacy, pre-math, language, cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills.

Pre-K is designed to prepare 4 year olds for Kindergarten. We believe that successful learning is based on the child’s level of readiness. Our curriculum is designed to help each child develop and expand their reading and writing abilities and verbal skills. In the curriculum we offer developmentally appropriate education in math, phonics, environment and science.

Daily activities include zoo phonics, listening to stories, learning to read age-appropriate books, playing with blocks, painting, using art-crafts, and physical activities involving various games on the playground. The children also receive daily nutrition services and naps in a fun, loving and safe environment. Our program prepares children to be socially skilled, motivated and ready to learn about the world and cultures around them.


Our Kindergarten program adheres to the concepts of our Pre-K program. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment to ensure the developmental needs of each child are met. Our program surpasses common core standards, and includes English, a choice of Armenian or Spanish language, math, social studies, science, Christian education, music, and art as well as gross and fine motor activities. Most importantly, Kindergarten is used to teach the students healthy adaptation to any new environment using verbal, behavioral and analytical techniques. Our qualified and experienced teachers select textbooks that stimulate each child’s curiosity and love for learning, while supplementing the curriculum with a heaping helping of fun.
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