Pastor’s Greeting

Pastor Ken Simon (put photo under Pastor's Greeting section“Created in God’s Own Image and Likeness!” Daily, I am blessed to be among the blossoming lives of our whole student body. I get to see incredible changes that come from new confidences and new competencies, all growing out of an environment of unconditional love, academic challenge, a playful childlike support of all adults, and the ready smiles and warmth of each child.

I can see God’s face in every single child! Then, we are so blessed with a world community on our campus. The great diversity of 68 languages in our city is something we have embraced with joy. When you hear our vision statement: “raising up Christian Kids of Culture.” You are hearing our hearts beating. Our students will leave here ready to work with anyone because their own lives have already been enriched with many cultures right here.

We are further blessed with a larger and larger alumni who return to visit and help on our campus. They remind us of the power of our heart-felt school ministry and its deeper purpose. May God Bless Each Parent and Grandparent, and then bless each student with great desire to grow into full life.

Pastor Ken Simon

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