Middle School

At First Lutheran Christian School & Arts, our middle school curriculum focuses to enhance the growth and academic maturity of our students and to challenge their performance as they begin to face higher academic demands. Our teachers encourage each student to build their self-confidence, improve their decision making skills, and adhere to ethical values which is reinforced through the material they learn. We strive to give our students a safe environment where they learn and prepare for high school and college and all of life. Through Christ centered learning they build character and develop values for success on the job and in family.

With class sizes averaging 11 students, both advanced and struggling students receive the individual attention they need to reach their maximum potential.

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There are eight periods in Middle School at First Lutheran School. Courses include:

English (CP or Honors) 6, 7, or 8

General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, or Geometry

Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science/Computers

Physical Education/Christian Education

Ancient, Medieval, or US History

Foreign Language (Armenian, Spanish IA or Spanish 1B)

Choir/Music Theory or Art

Each year, middle school students participate in a large educational trip for Outdoor Education/Science or Social Studies. Previous destinations have included: Sacramento, Catalina Island, El Camino Pines, and Washington, D.C.



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