First Lutheran Christian School & Arts is located in the heart of Glendale, California. We have been educating Christian Kids Of Culture for over 45 years. The main buildings are two story concrete and frame structure with an attached gymnasium that offers over 9,000 square feet of learning space.


We currently have 13,000 + Books in our school library. Maralon Anderson directs our Library and our reading program. We encourage our students to read everyday because reading expands their minds, opens their hearts, encourages new insights, and develops a much wiser understanding of our world and all of life. Maralon Anderson is focused on opening the door to reading that matters for our students. She is an experienced teacher, a long time music director in her church, and a former principal who offers wonderful support to all of us in the school.

Computer Lab

We offer weekly computer classes and computer technology is integrated into our educational program.


Physical activities and games bring many gifts to our students. One critical gift is helping them learn strong interpersonal skills. Learning to work as a team and meet challenges with passion helps each student develop and mature. Our gymnasium accomodates our on going physical education program and after school athletics.

Our Gallery