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Welcome to First Lutheran School

First Lutheran School & Arts is dedicated to raising up Christian Kids of Culture. We have been serving children and their families in the Glendale, Eagle Rock, Glassell Park, Silver Lake, Burbank, and Pasadena areas for over 45 years, offering a full preschool through 8th grade academic program. Our teaching staff provides living models for young hearts and minds combined with an excellent education and a loving and nurturing environment for students to learn and grow. They are committed to working closely with every student and their parents. No matter at what stage our students join us, you will find that we are committed to our core values in giving our students academic excellence, spiritual growth and development. Our competitive curriculum encourages our students to be confident and competent as they prepare for high school, college, and meaningful adult lives. We welcome families from all financial, religious, and cultural backgrounds.
As of September 28, 2015, First Lutheran School is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant students!  For I-20 information, see “How to Apply” under the admissions tab.

Why is First Lutheran Christian School & Arts right for my family?

  • Preschool through 8th grade
  • Daily Culture (Eastern Armenian, Spanish, Art, Choir)
  • Our students learn to embrace diversity and thrive in a multi-cultural setting
  • Christ-Centered learning, to develop spiritual values and leadership gifts.
  • Licensed, credentialed, and experienced teachers and staff
  • Academic excellence prepares each student for high school and beyond
  • Safe and nurturing environment with small class sizes
  • Before and after school day care programs
  • Affordable Tuition and payment schedule
  • CCRC assistance
  • After school programs
  • State testing above national average

When you choose First Lutheran Christian School & Arts, you are choosing to build a foundation for your child that will empower him/her to succeed in life. As part of our commitment to you and our student(s), we added an important new component to our Admissions process. An Educational Success Consultation with our Principal, Michelle Goetsch, is designed to actively engage and support you as parents in making wise educational decisions for your child.

Whether you have made the decision to choose First Lutheran Christian School or you are still considering your options, this consultation will focus on your goals and aspirations for your child, academic preparation, planning for future choices, and Christian leadership development. This process helps us to better serve you and your children. We encourage both parents to attend the educational success consultation.





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